Focus: Wod Father/Owner

Being a Hybrid athlete means you are functionally fit, strong, flexible and adaptive. Not only does Chad teach that to his athletes, he lives by it daily. He teaches with passion and believes in Coaching with balance through Strength training, Olympic Lifting, Crossfit, and Conditioning mixed with the proper nutrition. Chad is a 2019 National Champion in USA Weightlifting.  Come train with Chad and his team in Crossfit and Olympic Lifting Today! 


Focus: Hybrid Training/Olympic Lifting

Joelle is a nurse by trade and understands the importance of health and fitness in our lifes.  Joelle is a mother of three and a rockstar in the gym. She is passionate about life and fitness. Joelle is one of the original members of Crossfit Zion since it's birth and has been a huge influence and example of strong is beautiful.  When there is a barbell WOD, you can expect Joelle to be there with all smiles ready to throw around the heavy.


Focus: Hybrid Training/Olympic Lifting

You know those guys that can lift some heavy barbells, swing around on bars like a monkey and look like a fitness model? Well that is Drew! Drew can make any gymnastics WOD with a barbell look like a walk in the park with a bag of chips. He attributes this to his years training as a body builder then mixed with functional fitness = Bad Ass Crossfitter. Drew has extensive knowledge in fitness and has near perfect form on his olympic lifts.


Focus: Strength

With a long background in sports in High School and College coupled with her expertise as an athletic trainer, Daylmarie brings with her the ability to coach each athlete on their individual level, beginners to competitive athletes will love Daylmarie's approach and coaching. She never slows down and the energy she brings to her classes are cantagious and inspiring. Come train with Daylmarie today.  


Focus: Strength

Alex Cornwall Has been at Edge Training Center bending bars with his hulk like strength for over 5 years. If there is a bar that is bent, you can be that he probably did it. He is not just strong, he is also a hybrid athlete. He is a Level 1 CrossFit Trainer and Strength Coach. Crossfit has really changed his life for the better and has helped him gain a strong love for fitness. Alex has a passion for helping others obtain their goals inside and outside the gym.


Focus: Hybrid Training

Coming from a gymnastics background, Hollie knows the importance of mobility and flexibility.  Obstacle running is also something that Hollie has done in the past. Hollie is an original Crossfit Zion member from the beginning, so she understands the importance how Crossfit can help you keep a fit and healthy lifestyle. Being a fit Mother of 3, she is an example of how you juggle the obstacles of life with grace.  Speaking of Grace, anyone want to go up against her?


Focus: Lifestyle

AKA The Big Rig. Casey is one of those guys you want on your team on and off the field.  Not only is he a beast, he is also a fierce competitor and helps others achieve their goals with his constant coaching and advice. Even when he is doing a wod, you can catch him stopping mid burpee to help a new member with a movement or answer their question.  


Focus: Lifestyle

Angela is a mom of five, passionate about nutrition, and a lover of CrossFit. She has been on the scene of CrossFit Zion from day one (give or take a few babies along the way). Angie enjoys learning about nutrition in her free time, and brings her knowledge on how to eat right to her role as a coach. She loves the CrossFit Zion family, and greets her classes with a smile and lots of positive energy. She believes the secret to life is finding balance in everything you do!


Focus: Injury Prevention

Aaron has a knack for pushing beyond his limits, destroying workouts and recovering like nothing happened.  A Physical Therapist by trade, he brings a wealth of knowledge and wisdom to Crossfit ZIon He loves teaching the importance of how to properly, stretch, work and care for your body before, during and after a kick ass grueling wod. 


Focus: Competition Training

His nickname is Live Action AKA, The Pump Dragon. Spencer loves competition and fuels his body with nothing but performance. He may be the "youngest" amongst us, but don't let that fool you, his knowledge of fitness and competitive training goes well beyond his years. Got a competition you want to do, Spencer is the first to get behind you! Now that's Live Action.


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