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Welcome to Zion Training Center, home to CrossFit Zion and Zion Barbell! With over 13 years of dedicated training experience, we are your ultimate destination for fitness excellence in Southern Utah. Our passionate team of coaches are committed to helping you achieve your fitness goals, whether you're a professional athlete, a teenager, a soccer mom, a dad, or anyone on a fitness journey.



With a wealth of knowledge in strength training, Olympic lifting, CrossFit, and proper nutrition, our coaches are equipped to guide you to awesome results, no matter which program you choose.



We don't just coach; we lead by example. You'll frequently find our coaches actively participating in classes, competitions, and challenges, fully immersed in the vibrant community that surrounds us.



Our staff is a dynamic blend of national athletes, nurses, physical therapists and parents. We cater to all types of athletes, from beginners taking their first steps into fitness to seasoned pros looking to up their game.



At Zion Training Center, we take pride in having the best CrossFit and barbell coaches in Southern Utah. Our coaches are not just passionate about what they do; they live and breathe fitness. 




Level 2 Trainer


Focus: Wod Father/Owner

Meet Coach Chad, a true fitness enthusiast with a background steeped in small-town values. From football fields to extreme sports, Chad's diverse athletic journey has shaped his coaching philosophy, which revolves around achieving a balanced, functional, and adaptable fitness.


Focus: Wod Father/Owner

Hailing from a tight-knit farm town, Chad learned the values of hard work and community early on. His athletic journey, spanning football, track, and extreme sports, instilled in him the importance of physical fitness and life balance.

Chad's coaching philosophy emphasizes functional fitness, strength, flexibility, and adaptability. He believes in applying these principles not just in the gym but also in everyday life.  Chad is a passionate coach who derives fulfillment from helping others succeed. His coaching style is marked by patience, dedication, and an unwavering commitment to his athletes.

 With a wealth of knowledge in Strength Training, Olympic Lifting, and CrossFit, Chad has earned recognition at the highest levels. He's a 2019 Masters National Champion in USA Weightlifting and a record holder.

Experience a balanced and comprehensive approach to fitness with Chad. His team is ready to guide you on your journey to functional fitness, strength, and personal growth. Train with Chad at Crossfit Zion and discover your potential in CrossFit and Olympic Lifting today!



Level 2 Trainer


Focus: Hybrid Trainer

Meet Coach Tasha, a sports enthusiast with a background steeped in training, competition, and a passion for teamwork. With experience spanning from high school to the collegiate level, Tasha understands what it means to be a true team player. Coaching is not just a profession for her its a passion.

Tasha's transition from player to coach was seamless, driven by her inherent understanding of the game and her desire to nurture the talents of aspiring athletes. She's lent her expertise to coaching club teams and athletes of all levels, making her a valuable asset to anyone seeking to up their game.

What sets Tasha apart is her boundless energy and a constant stream of positive vibes. Her coaching sessions are not just about building strength and endurance; they're about fostering a sense of community, fun, and shared accomplishment. Tasha's energy is utterly contagious.


Don't be fooled by her infectious enthusiasm; Tasha is also a fierce competitor. If you ever find yourself on the competition floor alongside her, watch out! She owns the barbell, and her determination knows no bounds.


If you're seeking a coach who brings an unparalleled level of energy, positivity, and competitive spirit to your fitness journey, Coach Tasha is the one to watch. Her approach to training and fitness is both effective and enjoyable. Come train with Tasha today and discover the dynamic world of athletic excellence!



Level 2 Trainer


Focus: Hybrid Training

Meet Coach Daylemarie, a seasoned athlete and athletic trainer with a rich background in high school and college sports. With her extensive experience, she possesses a unique ability to connect with athletes at every level, from beginners to competitive.

Daylemarie's coaching approach is characterized by boundless energy, infectious enthusiasm, and a commitment to individualized training.


Daylemarie's athletic journey began in high school and continued through college, where she honed her skills and developed a deep love for sports. Her experience as an athlete laid the foundation for her journey into athletic training.


As a coach, Daylemarie excels in tailoring her training to each athlete's unique needs and goals. Whether you're just starting your fitness journey or striving to compete at the highest level, Daylemarie has the expertise to guide you on your path to success.


One of Daylemarie's defining qualities is her unwavering energy. Her classes are not just workouts; they are vibrant, uplifting experiences. Athletes of all levels find her enthusiasm contagious and inspiring.


If you're ready to embark on a fitness journey where your individuality is celebrated, and your goals are supported by an energetic and experienced coach, then Daylemarie is the coach for you. Come train with Daylemarie today, and let her passion and expertise propel you towards your fitness goals.

DSC05175 (1).jpg


Level 1 Trainer


Focus: Competitive Training

Meet Coach Blaine, a true believer that competition is the driving force behind success. With a deep passion for all things competitive, Blaine not only thrives on competition but also knows precisely how to train for it. He brings this same to the floor.

Blaine's life is defined by competition. He understands that the fire of competition is what fuels excellence. His personal love for competing is a testament to his dedication to helping others.


As a coach, Blaine is committed to helping athletes understand the workout of the day (WOD) on a deeper level. He doesn't just guide you through exercises; he coaches you to achieve the proper stimulus, ensuring that each workout is a step in the right direction.


Blaine knows that no two athletes are alike. He works closely with athletes to help them approach workouts based on their individual goals, abilities, and skill levels. Whether you're an experienced athlete striving for podium finishes or a beginner looking to make progress, Blaine tailors his coaching to your unique needs.


Blaine is committed to helping you reach your highest potential, and his enthusiasm is palpable in every session.


If you're seeking a coach who understands that competition is the crucible for success, Coach Blaine is your ideal guide. His expertise, personalized approach, and unwavering commitment to your goals will set you on a path to victory. Come train with Blaine and embrace the power of competition today!



Level 2 Trainer


Focus: Hybrid Training/Gymnastics

Meet Coach Drew, the embodiment of strength, agility, and peak physical prowess. You know those individuals who can effortlessly lift heavy barbells, swing around on bars like nimble monkeys, and look like they just stepped off a body building comp.

Drew is the kind of athlete who can transform any gymnastics WOD involving a barbell into a leisurely stroll in the park with a bag of chips. His finesse, control, and mastery over the most challenging workouts are nothing short of awe-inspiring.

 Drew's fitness journey is a testament to his dedication and versatility. He started as a bodybuilder, sculpting his physique to perfection. Then, he ventured into the world of functional fitness, where he seamlessly fused bodybuilding's aesthetics with the raw power of functional movements. The result? A true Bad Ass Crossfitter.


Drew's extensive knowledge in fitness extends to near-perfect form on his Olympic lifts. He's not just about lifting heavy; he's about lifting heavy with precision and grace. Whether it's snatches, cleans, or jerks, Drew's form is a thing of beauty.


If you're ready to tap into your inner athlete, gain strength, and master your fitness goals, Drew is the coach you've been waiting for. His passion for fitness and his ability to turn your weaknesses into strengths are unparalleled. Drew is here to inspire and guide you on your path to greatness. Come train with him and experience the magic of fitness transformation!

DSC05231 (2).jpg


Level 1 Trainer


Focus: Hybrid Training/Olympic Lifting


Meet Coach Kacie, a vibrant force of energy who found her calling in CrossFit and never looked back. Her journey began in 2017 when she first walked into CrossFit Zion, and since then, it's become the highlight of her day and a true passion for helping others succeed.

Kacie's love for CrossFit and her unwavering commitment to the sport led her to become a certified trainer in 2021. Her journey from athlete to coach was a natural progression driven by her deep-rooted passion for the sport and her desire to share it with others.


As a coach, Kacie's enthusiasm shines brightest when teaching Olympic lifts and witnessing members push their limits. She's dedicated to helping athletes unlock their potential, offering guidance and motivation every step of the way.


Beyond the gym, Kacie's heart belongs to her family. Her husband and kids are her top priority, and every moment spent with them is cherished. Her commitment to family values shines through in her coaching, where she fosters a sense of community and support.


Kacie is not just an athlete and coach; she's a testament to living life to the fullest. Her outgoing nature, boundless energy, and contagious zest for life are an inspiration to all who cross her path.


If you're seeking a coach who embodies passion, energy, and a commitment to helping you achieve your fitness goals, Coach Kacie is the perfect partner for your journey. Come train with Kacie and experience the joy of pushing your limits and living life to the fullest!



Level 3 Trainer


Focus: Nutrition - Health - Lifestyle

Meet Coach Bekka, a seasoned veteran in the fitness industry with a passion for helping individuals unleash their full potential. With a journey that began in the fitness world in early 2005, Bekka has evolved into a powerhouse of skills and knowledge.

Bekka's fitness odyssey started over a decade ago, and her unwavering commitment led her to become a CrossFit Trainer in 2012. She's not just a coach; she's a living testament to the transformative power of CrossFit.  She embodies the CrossFit methodology in her daily life.

Coach Bekka's expertise extends far beyond CrossFit. She holds certifications in a variety of disciplines, including Pilates (both Apparatus and Mat), SPIN, TRX, and several others.

With certifications in Personal Training and Nutrition, Bekka has the knowledge to guide you towards your fitness and dietary goals. Whether you're looking to improve your strength, lose weight, or optimize your nutrition, Bekka is your trusted ally.


Bekka ia also a professional CrossFit athlete. Her dedication to her craft and relentless pursuit of excellence make her a true role model for fitness enthusiasts. When you train with Bekka, you train with a champion.

Join Bekka on Your Fitness Journey: If you're ready to embark on a transformative fitness and wellness journey, Coach Bekka is your guide. Her passion, expertise, and unwavering commitment to your success are unmatched. Come train with Bekka today and experience the incredible difference she can make in your life!



Level 1 Trainer


Focus: Competition Training

Meet Coach Trisha, a powerhouse athlete whose diminutive stature belies her unwavering competitive spirit and remarkable endurance. With a sports background in basketball, soccer, and softball, Trisha is no stranger to competition and thrives on it daily.

Trisha's love for competition runs deep. Whether it's facing off on the field or pushing her limits in a race, she's always in her element when the stakes are high. Her fierce determination and tenacity set her apart as a formidable competitor.


When it comes to endurance, Trisha is in a league of her own. She's tackled over 20 half marathons and completed a remarkable 11 full marathons. Her incredible achievements include qualifying for the prestigious Boston Marathon not once, but twice—an accomplishment that speaks volumes about her dedication and skill.


Trisha's CrossFit journey commenced in September 2018, shortly after the birth of her daughter. Her introduction to CrossFit marked the beginning of a new era, and she hasn't looked back since. If there's a competition happening anywhere, you can bet that Trisha is right there on the competition floor, pushing herself to new heights.


If you're seeking a coach who brings an indomitable spirit to the gym, look no further than Coach Trisha. Her competitive fire, coupled with her wealth of experience, ensures that you'll be guided toward reaching your full potential. Come train with Trisha and let her unwavering determination fuel your journey to greatness!

cori profile pic .jpg


Level 1 Trainer


Focus: Hybrid Training-Olympic Lifting

Meet Coach Cori, a true athlete at heart whose lifelong passion for athleticism has illuminated her path. With a background in competitive soccer, softball, and early years spent in gymnastics, Cori's journey in sports began at a young age.

Cori's athletic journey has been a constant thread throughout her life. She's honed her skills on the soccer and softball fields and demonstrated grace and strength in the world of gymnastics. Her diverse athletic background laid the foundation for her fitness journey.


At the age of 15, Cori's dad introduced her to CrossFit during the off-season of her sports activities. From that moment, she was captivated by the CrossFit ethos and hasn't looked back in over a decade. Her commitment to CrossFit is unwavering, and it has become an integral part of her life.


When you train with Coach Cori, you can expect nothing less than her A-game. Her coaching is marked by dedication, top-notch training, and a genuine desire to help you achieve your fitness goals. Cori is constantly perfecting her coaching skills.


If you're looking for a coach who embodies passion, expertise, and a commitment to helping you excel, Coach Cori is it. Her unwavering dedication to fitness is matched only by her enthusiasm for inspiring others. Come train with Cori and experience the transformative power of athleticism and dedication!



Level 1 Trainer


Focus: Lifestyle Training

Meet Coach Eric, a stalwart presence at CrossFit Zion since its early days—nearly 13 years of dedicated commitment. With a deep understanding of the unique vibe and culture at CrossFit Zion, Eric is a cherished member of the community at Crossfit Zion.

Eric's journey at CrossFit Zion is a testament to his unwavering dedication. He's witnessed the evolution of the gym and embodies the spirit of continuous improvement. His enduring presence has made him an integral part of the CrossFit Zion family.


Eric applies the principles of the training floor to everyday life. His skills in law enforcement, combined with his CrossFit knowledge, allow him to guide athletes in how to translate their physical progress into personal growth.


One of Eric's standout qualities is his exceptional endurance. He's not just a coach who talks the talk; he walks the walk with some of the best endurance in the game. His expertise extends beyond the gym, offering an unique approach to fitness.


Eric brings a wealth of skills and knowledge from his background in law enforcement. His experience in this field adds great value to our coaching staff, providing a unique perspective on discipline, dedication, and training.

Coach Eric's enduring commitment and valuable life skills make him a true asset to the coaching staff. Come train with Eric today at CrossFit Zion!


Jason Tobler

Level 1 Trainer


Focus: Youth and Teen Training


Meet Coach Jason, a passionate and dedicated CrossFit enthusiast who embarked on a life-changing journey five years ago. His experience with CrossFit inspired him to share his knowledge with others as a coach, making a positive impact on teens and youth.

Five years ago, Coach Jason took his first steps into the world of CrossFit, seeking a way to improve his overall fitness and wellbeing. Little did he know that this decision would lead to a profound transformation in his life. Through the dedication, discipline, and perseverance that CrossFit demands, Jason experienced significant improvements in strength, endurance, and mental resilience. He quickly realized that CrossFit was not just a fitness regimen; it was a path to a healthier, more vibrant life.


Motivated by his own life-altering journey, Jason felt a strong calling to become a CrossFit coach. He understood the potential of CrossFit to empower individuals, helping them break through physical and mental barriers to achieve their goals. Jason's desire to share his passion, knowledge, and personal experiences led him to pursue coaching as a way to give back to the community that had given him so much.


In addition to coaching adults, Coach Jason is deeply committed to the development and well-being of the younger generation. He recognizes the importance of instilling a love for fitness, discipline, and a healthy lifestyle in today's youth. As a result, he devotes his time and energy to coaching our teen class, where he not only imparts valuable fitness skills but also serves as a positive role model and mentor.





Focus: Competition /Olympic Lifting

Meet Coach Patricia, a delightful addition to the CrossFit Zion family for just over two years. Patricia's knack for welcoming newcomers and building strong relationships makes her an invaluable asset to the gym community.

Patricia's warm and friendly demeanor extends to all who enter the gym. She's the go-to person for newcomers, making sure they feel right at home from day one. Her ability to establish connections and offer assistance whenever needed has endeared her to both athletes and staff.


Patricia's dedication to the gym goes beyond coaching. She's always ready to lend a hand with any task or need that arises, making her an indispensable part of the CrossFit Zion family.


Patricia brings a delightful sense of humor and a contagious personality to the gym. Her positive vibes uplift everyone around her, making every workout session a fun and enjoyable experience.


Beyond her coaching role, Patricia is someone you'll want to be around. Her funny and friendly nature makes her a beloved figure at CrossFit Zion, adding to the sense of community and camaraderie.


If you're looking for a coach who not only guides you in fitness but also ensures that you feel welcomed, valued, and part of a close-knit community, Coach Patricia is the perfect choice. Come train with Patricia and experience the joy of being part of the CrossFit Zion family today!



Level 1 Trainer


Focus: Teen Training - Competition

Meet Coach Kaige, a CrossFit prodigy who's been immersed in the universe ever since he was just 8 years old. Kaige spent his early days at Crossfit Zion learning from all Zion's forefathers. With a profound understanding of CrossFit, he's practically got the methodology memorized like the back of his hand.

Kaige's journey in CrossFit started at a remarkably young age. He competed in the Open as a teen for four consecutive years and participated in numerous high-level teen competitions. His fierce competitive spirit has driven him to excel in the sport.


Despite his youth, Kaige possesses a coaching knowledge that belies his age. His extensive experience as an athlete and his dedication to CrossFit have given him a deep understanding of the sport's intricacies. As a coach, he offers valuable insights that benefit athletes of all ages.


Kaige's dedication extends to coaching the teen program alongside Jason. He dedicates his evenings to molding the next generation of CrossFit athletes. His passion for CrossFit shines through as he plants seeds of knowledge and enthusiasm in our teens.


With Kaige on board, the future of CrossFit Zion looks promising. He not only represents the next generation of athletes but also the next generation of coaches who will continue to inspire and guide others toward their fitness goals.


If you're seeking a coach who not only understands CrossFit inside and out but is also dedicated to nurturing the next generation of athletes, Coach Kaige is the perfect mentor. Come train with Kaige and be part of the future of CrossFit Zion today!





Focus: Olympic Lifting - Competition

Meet Coach Ryan, a strong athlete in the realms of CrossFit and Olympic lifting. With a remarkable background in sports, an unwavering commitment to training, and extensive knowledge, Ryan stands as a pillar of expertise and hard work at Crossfit Zion.

Ryan's sporting journey is nothing short of extraordinary. From achieving All-State football recognition to championship victories and competing at a collegiate level, he's honed his athletic prowess through dedication and determination.


Ryan's life is a testament to the value of hard work and continuous improvement. His journey in training and sports has been a lifelong pursuit, demonstrating his unrelenting commitment to personal growth and excellence.


Ryan's CrossFit journey commenced 13 years ago at CrossFit Zion. Over time, he channeled his dedication into Olympic lifting, achieving remarkable success. With a title of National Champion and multiple records in the USA Weightlifting (USAW), Ryan is a true standout in the field.


Ryan leads our esteemed barbell team, guiding athletes on a journey to perfect their lifts. His wealth of knowledge, coupled with his experience, ensures that members receive top-notch coaching and can optimize their performance.


If you're looking to take your CrossFit and Olympic lifting skills to the next level, Coach Ryan is your ultimate guide. 



Level 1 Trainer

Tycee is an exceptional CrossFit coach with a remarkable journey that blends a background in competitive dance with a relentless work ethic.


Tycee is an embodiment of the belief that consistent programming yields profound results. Starting off as a member with little exposure to weightlifting, Tycee faced the challenge head-on, determined to push her limits. With unparalleled dedication, she transformed her fitness journey from a humble beginning to becoming a force to be reckoned with as a competitive athlete.


Tycee's journey showcases the remarkable power of personal growth and self-belief. From her early days in competitive dance, Tycee developed a deep understanding of movement, rhythm, and control. This foundation, combined with her unwavering determination, allowed her to seamlessly transition into the world of CrossFit. As a coach, Tycee brings her unique knowledge and expertise, empowering our members to unlock their own potential and surpass their limitations.


Tycee's story serves as a testament that with commitment, passion, and the right guidance, anyone can rise above perceived limitations and achieve greatness.



Focus: Olympic Lifting - Competition

Meet Coach Tycee, a dynamic and hardworking CrossFit coach. With her unwavering dedication and passion, she embodies the testament that programming truly works. With her deep understanding of movement and keen eye for technique, Tycee is not only a remarkable coach but also a great example to those around her. 


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